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Positive Outcomes of Effective Speech Intervention for People Who Stutter and Their Families

What are positive outcomes of effective speech intervention for people who stutter and their families? What's the importance of working with an experienced speech-language pathologist who understands stuttering? In this video, individuals who stutter and parents weigh in on speech intervention that was helpful and allowed for improved quality of life.

Finding the Right Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)_Ally of Stuttering SLPs

Learn the difference in training and preparation among speech-language pathologists and hear from parents and individuals who stutter to understand why finding a specialist or an experienced SLP with the Ally of Stuttering designation is so important.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah conveys how finding a speech-language pathologist who understood the stuttering experience holistically and on a deeper level changed her life. It helped her transition from having difficulty adapting, participating, and meeting new people in college to being more open about her stutter, accepting herself, and becoming a more effective and confident communicator.

Courtney Plascencia

Courtney recounts how the initial therapy approach they took with their young daughter who stutters created undue pressure for fluency, so much so that muscle tension, blocks, and other secondary behaviors emerged. When they found a speech therapist with an extensive amount of training, it completely changed their approach and helped them support their daughter to communicate with confidence.

Pamela Mertz

Pam shares how the fluency shaping approach taken by her first speech-language therapists was like hiding and “covert” stuttering all over again. If you’re seeking treatment, Pam’s story conveys why it’s so important to find a professional who understands stuttering and who knows how to tailor treatment to your personal communication goals instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.