Jordan Northrup
Vice President

Jordan Northrup

Jordan Northrup is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse background. He was born in Lima, Ohio and is a person who stutters. He has earned degrees in economics, philosophy, and business administration. Jordan has served in the United States Marines for 20 years, with three combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is also an author and has written a book titled "The War Inside: Finding Victory Over Alcohol," which focuses on his personal journey of overcoming a 14-year alcohol addiction. Using his platform, Jordan is a keynote speaker and has a passion for helping those struggling with addiction, as well as ministering to their families.

In addition to his other accomplishments, Jordan Northrup is an entrepreneur and avid real estate investor. He has a keen interest in woodworking and enjoys creating beautiful pieces of furniture and other items from exotic woods.

Jordan lives with his wife, Nadia, and his two children in the Washington DC area. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and mediterranean cooking.