Obtain Training and Gain Confidence Working With Persons Who Stutter.

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Why Spero?

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Vision Statement

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To help, empower, and advocate for the stuttering community and their families by equipping those who work with people who stutter.

Mission Statement

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To make current resources accessible to people who stutter, their families, and speech-language pathologists desiring more training in the area of stuttering; to provide guidance and incentives for speech-language pathologists to prioritize stuttering as an area of professional growth; and to become a source of current, research-based, and quality training for general speech-language pathologists interested in stuttering.

Ways to Help

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Name & Logo Significance

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Spero means hope in Latin. The Tabono symbolizes unity of purpose, confidence, strength, and determination to reach a destination or goal. The peacock symbolizes awakening, expression, and confidence. Through our work, this is what we hope to inspire!